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For Class: Ada Database2005-08-25
Category: Bindings
MySQL BindingProvides a thin and a thick binding for using the MySQL C-Interface in Ada under Linux
For Class: Ada Libraries2005-03-17
Category: Graphics
DrawplexDrawplex supports drawing geometric forms, text, and images, on the complex plane, and materializing any portion of it in viewable forms e.g. BMP files.
For Class: Ada Bindings2005-02-13
Category: All
OpenALadaOpenAL (Audio Library) bindings.
For Class: Ada Web and XML2005-02-13
Category: XML
AdomAdom implements an abstracted view of a DOM in Ada programming language.
For Class: Ada Web and XML2005-02-02
Category: XML
XML_AutomationA simple, validated Ada library for robust and superfast XML parsing (Marius Amado Alves)
For Class: Ada Database2005-02-02
Category: Bindings
AdaSQLBaseA thin binding to the C API for SQLBase (from Gupta). It is a fairly small foot-print database engine which can be embedded into applications. (Andreas Almroth)
For Class: Patterns2005-01-21
Category: Links
Archive of the ACM Ada Patterns Mail LIst
For Class: Ada Database2005-01-20
Category: Library
DSN ParserData Source Name Parser (Georg Bauhaus)
For Class: Algorithms2005-01-05
Category: Examples
Tension Structures (Vinicius Arcaro)
For Class: Basic Techniques2005-01-02
Category: Examples
Output of enumeration types
For Class: Ada the Language2004-12-22
Category: Articles
Guidelines for Choosing A Computer Language
For Class: Ada the Language2004-12-22
Category: Articles
Syntax Across Languages
For Class: Ada Utilities2004-11-29
Category: Code Analysis
For Class: Ada Applications2004-11-24
Category: Games
OthelloOthello using GtkAda
For Class: Ada GUI2004-11-18
Category: GUI Builders
GNAVIGNAVI - Open Source Visual RAD the VB/Delphi like development platform for Ada
For Class: Ada Bindings2004-11-15
Category: Languages
AdaCLIPSAdaClips is a semi-thick Ada binding to the public-domain CLIPS expert system shell.
For Class: Ada Database2004-11-12
Category: Bindings
KonAda.DBOracle Access LIbrary (Frank Piron)
For Class: Ada Libraries2004-11-12
Category: Text Processing
Ada_Numeric_IOA package of useful numerical analysis programs that are needed to do textual input and output. (John Woodruff)
For Class: Basic Techniques2004-11-11
Category: Examples
Passing a subroutine as a parameter to another subroutine (Roger Racine, Ludovic Brenta, Tom Moran)
For Class: Ada Database2004-11-11
Category: Bindings
pgsqlMinimal binding to the Postgres system

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