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Ada Database
Ada bindings to databases

AdaMySQLThin bindings to MySQL (Andreas Almroth)
AdaMySQL ThickThink bindings to MySQL (Andreas Almroth)
AdaSQLBaseA thin binding to the C API for SQLBase (from Gupta). It is a fairly small foot-print database engine which can be embedded into applications. (Andreas Almroth)
APQAda95 binding to the PostgreSQL and MySQL databases
db-2.2MySQL Bindings (Michael Erdmann)
GNADEGNU Ada Data Base Environment
iODBCAda Binding to the iODBC Driver Manager (Sune Falck)
KonAda.DBOracle Access LIbrary (Frank Piron)
MySQL BindingProvides a thin and a thick binding for using the MySQL C-Interface in Ada under Linux
ODBCAda ODBC Bindings (Pascal Obry)
pgsqlMinimal binding to the Postgres system
ADBMAda implementation of index database (Pascal Obry)
DSN ParserData Source Name Parser (Georg Bauhaus)
GDBMGDBM for NT (Pascal Obry)
Indexed_IOIndexed File IO (Matthew Heaney)
mnesonA 100 Percent Ada Database System

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