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Ada Utilities
Utilities for Ada Programming

Binding Generators
c2adaC 2 Ada binding generator (includes binary for Linux)
CBIND Win32CBIND - C Binding Generator - ported to Win32 (Dmitriy Anisimkov)
Extending Pascals to Ada 95Article on converting to Ada 95 from Pascal and Delphi by Gautier de Montmollin
F2A95Fortran to Ada 95 Converter perl script. (Oliver Kellogg)
GNATCOMBinding Generator to COM/DCOM/ActiveX objects. (David Botton)
P2AdaPascal/Delphi to Ada Converter (Gautier de Montmollin)
Code Analysis
ASIS Expression ResolverCalculates the numeric value of an ASIS expression (Marc A. Criley)
GchGch - ASIS_GNAT the Ada Rule Checker (Vitali Sh. Kaufman)
parsingAda Parser Written in Ada (Daniel Gaudry)
SEMISemicolon Counter (Clyde Roby)
TimerTiminig Execution of Routines (Ehud Lamm)
Code Browsing
Ada2HTMLAda2HTML (David Wheeler)
AdaBrowseAdaBrowse - javadoc like HTML generator (Thomas Wolf)
AdaDocGenerates documentation from Ada Specs
AliBrowseA browser for Ada source Libraries based on unit names instead of file names. (Rajagopalan Srinivasan)
formatAda to RTF (Martin Carlisle)
GammaTechVarious tools for Code Browsing and Analysis
Pretty_PrinterAda 95 Pretty Printer (based on ASIS)
Code Builders
Auto_Text_IOAuto_Text_IO is a tool for automatically generating a Text_IO package for an Ada package
Compiler Construction
AdaGOOPThe Ada Generator of Object-Oriented Parsers
AdaLexAda and Java Lexer (Christoph Karl Walter Grein)
aflex / ayacc ImprovedA modified version of Aflex/Ayacc for Ada95 parent/child feature support.
aflex/ayacc Ada lex and parser
BFDAdaBfdAda allows to write Ada programs that read object files, archives or program executables to scan their content and their symbol tables
CocktailCocktail is a compiler toolkit
OpenTokenOpenToken is a series of Ada packages that allow simple creation of token analyzers
RMCRemoves comments from source code
TTTime the Clock (Tom Moran)
Project Management
AdaprojetAdaprojet makes it easy to use the familiar configure, make, and make install with Ada
adasloc.plCounting Ada SLOC, Comments, and Blank Lines (Christopher Moore)
AdaPackageTestingCreates the structure of a test program based of the package specifications (.ads)
AUnitAUnit is a set of Ada packages based on the xUnit family of unit test frameworks.
DTraqDTraq is a data logging and review debugging tool
gnatlinkAutomatic RC handling for GNAT (Tom Moran)

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