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Algorithms implemented in Ada

A Generic Minimal Edit Distance Algorithm (Ehud Lamm)
Babylonian Multiplication (Florian Weimer)
Base64 encode/decode (Tom Moran)
Batcher's Parallel Sort (Tom Moran)
CRC32 Algorithm (Christophe Gouiran)
Data compression using Huffman encoding (Dale Stanbrough)
Decimal representation of 'e' (Nasser Abbasi)
NIST validated SHA-1 (John Halleck)
Perpetual Calendar package (Christophe Gouiran)
Shuffle Those Cards (Jim Rogers)
Tension Structures (Vinicius Arcaro)
The Message-Digest 5 Algorithm (Christoph Grein)
Unconstrained Minimization of a Real-Valued Function (Vinicius F. Arcaro)

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