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Tools and Bindings for GUI Applications

AdaBindXAda-binding to the X Window System and *tif
AdaGLUTBindings to GLUT (pronounced like the glut in gluttony) is the OpenGL Utility Toolkit (Jerry van Dijk)
AdaOpenGLOpenGL Bindings for Ada
AdaSDLAda bindings to SDL - Simple Direct Media Library (António M. M. Ferreira de Vargas)
CarbonAda bindings to Mac OS X Carbon
CLAWOO Win32 Ada 95 Bindings
GLUTGLUT - Open GL Ada Programing for NT
GtkAdaAda bindings to Gtk for Linux, Win32 and other Unixes
GWindowsWin32, Mac OS X and Gtk RAD Bindings
JEWLJEWL (John English's Window Library) is a set of Ada bindings to Win32 aimed at novices.
Motif_CallBacksMaking Motif/Callbacks easier (Dale Stanbrough)
OpenGLNietsuOpenGL Ada Bindings
TASHAda binding to Tcl/Tk
WindexWindex - Ada binding to Win32 (Stephen Leake)
x11adaAda bindings to X11 and Motif
GUI Builders
CanAdaCanAda Win32 Dialog Box generator for Ada GUI programming
CLAW App BuilderGUI builder for CLAW
GNAVIGNAVI - Open Source Visual RAD the VB/Delphi like development platform for Ada
RAPID RAPID is the Rapid Ada Portable Interface Design tool for .NET, GtkAda, and Tash (tk)
VADVisual Ada Developer

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