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Software Patterns Implemented in Ada

Abstract Factories Revisited (Matthew Heaney)
Chain of Responsibility (Matthew Heaney)
Command Pattern (Matthew Heaney)
Including Subject State In The Callback (Matthew Heaney)
Iterator and Factory Method Patterns Combined (Matthew Heaney)
Mediator Pattern (Matthew Heaney)
Mediator Pattern - Alternate Implementation (Matthew Heaney)
Memento Pattern (Matthew Heaney)
Models That View Themselves (Matthew Heaney)
Observer Notification Using Callbacks (Matthew Heaney)
Observer Pattern (Matthew Heaney)
Observer Pattern - Revised (Matthew Heaney)
Observers Of Multiple Subjects (Matthew Heaney)
Observers That Are Observed (Matthew Heaney)
Observing a Concurrent Subject (Matthew Heaney)
Observing a Subject's Attributes (Matthew Heaney)
Passing Back Data From Subject To Observer (Matthew Heaney)
Safe Pointers (Christoph Karl Walter Grein)
Smart Pointers (Matthew Heaney)
State Pattern (Matthew Heaney)
State Pattern, Implemented As A Look-Up Table (Matthew Heaney)
Strategy Pattern (Matthew Heaney)
Using the Visitor Pattern to Display the Image of a Boolean Expression (Matthew Heaney)
Virtual Proxy Pattern (Matthew Heaney)
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