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Ada Web and XML
Bindings and Libraries for using Ada with Web Technologies

SMTPSMTP API For Ada (Pascal Obry)
AdaCGIAda CGI Bindings (David A. Wheeler)
AdaCL.CGIAdaCL includes extensive CGI bindings (Martin Krischik)
AWSAda Web Server and Services (Pascal Obry & Dmitriy Anisimkov)
ClawWebSimple CLAW Web Server (Tom Moran)
HTMLOutHTML output routines (Dale Stanbrough)
LibraLibra currently provides some basic data structures (singley and doubley linked lists, binary search trees, queues...), and abstractions for NNTP and SMTP commands
serverframeSmall Scale Server Framework (Michael Erdmann)
SimpleHttpHTTP and SMTP using GMGPL CLAW (Tom Moran)
WebFinderFinder (Tom Moran)
AdomAdom implements an abstracted view of a DOM in Ada programming language.
Simple_XMLSimple easy to use Ada xml parser. (Jerome Raffalli)
XIAXPath for Ada
XML/AdaXML/Ada: a full XML suite
xml4ada95XML4Ada95 is a binding to the Xerces-Package developed by the Apache Group
XML_AutomationA simple, validated Ada library for robust and superfast XML parsing (Marius Amado Alves)

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