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Ada Bindings
Ada Bindings to APIs (Non-GUI Related)

Ada LDAPBinding to Open LDAP
Ada ZLibAda Binding to ZLib (Dmitriy Anisimkov)
AdacURLBinding to cURL - a multiprotocol file transfer library (Andreas Almroth)
AdaGPGMEThin Ada95 binding to GNUPG Made Easy ( - The GNU Privacy Guard) (Andreas Almroth)
BLASAda binding to the "BLAS", a Fortran library of Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms
FFTW_AdaAn Ada 95 binding to the FFTW library for computing the Fast Fourier transform
OpenALadaOpenAL (Audio Library) bindings.
PipesAda Binding to Pipes (Jim Rogers)
Cafe 1815Ada Binding to Program Java Native Methods
AdaCLIPSAdaClips is a semi-thick Ada binding to the public-domain CLIPS expert system shell.
AdaLuaBinding to the Lua extension language
DLibBinding to Linux's dynamic library support, allowing Ada 95 programs to load libraries at runtime
AdaSocketsThis interface lets you use BSD sockets from Ada (TCP, UDP and multicast).
FloristAda 95 POSIX Bindings
AdaOS2GNAT for OS2 and Bindings to OS2
AA.SunOSAda Bindings to parts of SunOS (Andreas Almroth)
Windows - Non-GUI
Win32 Joystick Bindings (Jeffrey Boulais)
AdaSockets Win32AdaSockets for Windows 32 (Pascal Obry)
com_portsBinding to com ports on Win32 (Stephen Leake)
JoyStickWin32Win32 Joystick Bindings (Jeffrey Boulais)
POSIX Win32Ada POSIX bindings for Win32 (Pascal Obry)
WinSock2Binding to Winsock2 (James Winters)

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