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Ada Applications
Source code of full Ada Applications

GNATThe greatest example of Ada is Ada itself. GNAT the GNU Ada Compiler is written in Ada and all sources are available.
99Bottles99 Bottles of Beer
99BottlesTasking99 Bottles of Beer Tasking
BlackBox MasterBlackBox is a reasoning game. The player fires electrons into the "Black Box" and tries to deduce where the Atoms are, based on where the electrons come out if they do.
LinXtrisLinXtris is a multi-platform Tetris clone written in Ada95 and Gtkada
Mine DetectorPragmAda Software Engineering is proud to provide Mine Detector, an intellectually challenging game. Unlike other mine-finding games, Mine Detector never requires guessing.
Mine Detector CLAWCLAW version of the PragmAda Mine Detector (Tom Moran)
OthelloOthello using GtkAda
SmallText Adventure - from the Lovelace Tutorial (David Wheeler)
TextrisANSI Text Mode Tetris Clone
TicSimple Tic Tac Toe game with crude text graphics and no error checking. (Samir)
AdaCalcAda Calculator (Eugene Nonko)
BUSHBUSH, the Business Shell, is a powerful Linux/UNIX shell written in and based on the Ada language for designing secure, reliable shell scripts that can be later compiled as a fast executable programs.
Dining PhilosophersDemonstrates Tasking - Requires CLAW (Tom Moran)
adagioGnutella2 protocol server
AdaImgSvrPersonal or corporate Picture Web Server that let's you browse digital pictures, and if you're connected to the web, shared the pictures with all your friends.
AllegraIRC bot written in Ada
Mail HailMail Hail is a mail notification agent for the Jabber instant messaging server.
WebcheckWebcheck automatically checks links on a web page for validity, and reports errors in a format that Gnu Emacs (and other IDEs) can use to bring up the source html files to be fixed.

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