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Ada Libraries
Libraries of Ada Code

Win32OpenGLWin32 Open GL
UnzipAdaUnzip-Ada is a decompression library for zipped files
ACFThe Ada Cryptographic Framework (ACF) is a set of Ada packages that implement the most popular cryptographic algorithms
Data Compression
aPLibaPLib - compression library
Data Types
AA ComponentsA set of useful generic packages in Ada95. Nothing fancy, just basic stuff such as stacks, lists, bags, maps and etc. (Andreas Almroth)
Ada0Y for Ada95Ada95 versions of some of the new Ada0Y standard libraries
adaslAda Structured Library (ASL) (Corey Minyard)
BoochBooch Components
CharlesMatthew Heaney's Container Library
Dic_HashA hybrid between a hash table and a dictionary tree (Daniel Gaudry)
LGLLGL Component Library
Original BoochOriginal Ada 83 Booch Components
persistentPersistent Objects with Ada95 (Michael Erdmann)
PragmArcPragmAda Reusable Components (PragmARCs)
SALSAL provides a coherent set of generic abstract data types (Stephen Leake)
SimpleCompsSimple components: smart pointers, sets, unbounded arrays, parsers (Dmitry A. Kazakov)
STLAda version of the C++ Standard Template Library
TablesTable management (Dmitry A. Kazakov)
Weber ACLMats Weber's Ada Component Library
ASCL.DebuggingThe intention was to make the debugging faciltity as independant as possible from the surrounding environment.
DebugDebug Output (Ehud Lamm)
Distributed Computing
AdaBrokerAdaBroker is a set of tools and libraries that can be used to develop CORBA applications in Ada.
GLADEGLADE : GNAT Library for Ada Distributed Environments
GLADE FiltersGLADE Filter Add-Ons
GNATCOMDCOM - Distributed COM bindings
ORBit-AdaORBit-Ada is a project to develop Ada bindings for the ORBit Corba ORB
PolyORBCORBA middleware over PolyORB
Calendar FormatterThis package allows a client to create time in a variety of formats (Richard Riehle)
AdaGraphAdaGraph implements an easy to use graphics system (Jerry van Dijk)
AdaGraph XAdaGraph for X (Gerald Kasner)
DrawplexDrawplex supports drawing geometric forms, text, and images, on the complex plane, and materializing any portion of it in viewable forms e.g. BMP files.
Engine 3D3D DOS based graphics
Open-ImageInput/Output and manipulation of image (pictures) data
PNG_IOInput/output of Portable Network Graphics (PNG) files (Steve Sangwine)
big_numbersPackage for calculation on Big Numbers (Jerome Delcourt)
FuzzySetsFuzzy sets, logic, numbers (Dmitry A. Kazakov)
IntervalsInterval arithmetic (Dmitry A. Kazakov)
UnitsOfMeasureMeasurement units (Dmitry A. Kazakov)
ACLAda Class Library - an object orientated library for Ada. Text search and replace. Scripting (small tool programs). CGI scripts. Execution of external programs (incl. I/O redirection). Garbage Collection. Extendended Booch Components. CD-Recorder
AdaExpertAda Expert System includes a Prolog interpreter (Paul Pukite)
PrologSimple Prolog interpreter (Dale Stanbrough)
cmd_lineCommand Line Interface for Linix/Unix (Marc A. Criley)
getoptAda implementation of getopt() (Nasser Abbasi)
NT_MOUSENT Console Mouse (Hans Marqvardsen)
SmartArgsSimplify the use of command line arguments (Jeffrey Creem)
Sound Files
mp3v1tageditorModify MP3 tags
Text Processing
Ada_Numeric_IOA package of useful numerical analysis programs that are needed to do textual input and output. (John Woodruff)
Console_IO and SortConsole_IO For NT and Ada Alphabetical Sort (Hans Marqvardsen)
Formatted_IOFormatted Output package (Eugene Nonko)
MatchingPattern Matching (Dmitry A. Kazakov)
Simple_IOAn IO package to keep Text_IO portable and for students (Richard Riehle)
StringProcString Processing Library (Dale Stanbrough)
String_EditString Editting Library (Dmitry A. Kazakov)
Templates ParserThe templates parser package has been designed to parse files and to replace some specific tags into these files by some specified values. (Pascal Obry)
Text_IO_VisAda.Text_IO visualisation tool (Dale Stanbrough)
User Interface
AdaMenuAda Menuing System (James S. Rogers)
Text_FormsForms based programming (Dale Stanbrough)
WinSREENA Win32 version of Mike Feldmans SCREEN package

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