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Basic Techniques
Basic Techniques in using the Ada Language

Changing Strings to Upper or Lower Case (David Botton)
Converting Strings to Integers and Back (David Botton)
Declaring Decimal Fixed Point Types (Matthew Heaney)
Factory Simulation - Tasks and Protected Types (Jim Rogers)
Freeing Pointers to Classwide Types (David Botton)
Non-consecutive Ranges (Tucker Taft)
Output of enumeration types
Passing a subroutine as a parameter to another subroutine (Roger Racine, Ludovic Brenta, Tom Moran)
Perform operations on Roman numerals (Samir)
Reading Files with Ada Streams (David Hoos)
Reading Long Strings Using Recursion (Martin C. Carlisle)
Records and sorting (Samir)
Searching in a String (David Botton)
Sets in Ada (T.E.D)
Simple File-IO (David Botton)
Static Variables in Ada (Mark Lundquist)
Tasking Hello World (James S. Rogers)
The Get_Line Mystery (Matthew Heaney)
The Get_Line Mystery... continued (Martin Krischik)
Using Generics to Create a Menu (Ehud Lamm)
What does Class mean in Ada95 (Matthew Heaney)

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