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Sets in Ada (T.E.D)

Back in the Ada 83 days I looked into creating a reusable set package, along
the lines of the SET type available for Pascal and Modula-2. What I quickly
discovered was that Ada's support for Boolean operations on arrays of booleans
made it completely unnessecary. For all intents and purposes, you *do* have a
set type in Ada!

   type Color is (Red, Green, Blue, Black, Teal);
   type Color_Set is array (Color) of Boolean;
   Palette : Color_Set;

      if Palette(Red) then ...
      Colorblind_Palette := Palette and Colorblind_Visible_Colors;
      Palette := Palette or Colors_At_The_Artshop;
      Unavailable_Colors := not Palette;


Admittedly, an implementation of a very large sparse set using only boolean
arrays is not the best way to go. But I have yet to ever need that
functionality myself...

(c) 1998-2004 All Rights Reserved David Botton