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Ada Libraries - NT_MOUSE
Libraries of Ada Code

I submit the package NT_MOUSE in the hope you may find it useful,
even if it still can be improved upon, 
and even if you may find that it contains too many different things..

Procedure Get_Mouse
Returns the Cursor-Position and Mouse-Button(s) clicked, and what

Procedure Get_AnyKey
Returns any key pressed, whether Normal, Extended, or Enhanced,
and current control-keys: Shift, Ctrl, Alt, NumLock, ScrlLock,CapsLock.

Procedure Get_Anything
combines the above, returning Key-press or Mouse-click, whichever comes

Function Key_Name_text
returns a string containing the name of the key pressed
(EG: "ESC", "F8", "NUM 7", "7", "PG DN")

NT_MOUSE was made before CONSOLE_IO, and used codepages to cater
for the full range of Ansi Latin_1 characters.  To this end it has

Function Get_Codepage
Returns the number of the current codepage.

Procedure Set_Codepage
will set the current codepage to 1252 (=ANSI), or any other (valid)

NT_Mouse was originally meant as a supplement to NT_Console by Jerry van

The idea was to use his

Goto_XY, Where_X, Where_Y
for Text-Cursor position control.


Set_Foreground, Get_Foreground, Set_Background, Get_Background
for Color control.

Even if this works very well, it might be nicer to have a single package

combining the functionality of Console_IO, NT_Mouse and NT_Console.
I may get around to do this some day, unless someone else does it first.

Testmouse.ada illustrates only the use of Get_Anything.
Get_Mouse and Get_Anykey are supposed to work similarly.

Download here.

(c) 1998-2004 All Rights Reserved David Botton