PragmAda Software Engineering
PragmAda Software Engineering

PragmAda Software Engineering is proud to provide the PragmAda Reusable Components (PragmARCs) (213 KB) as open-source software; you can read a brief description of the PragmARCs. Ranging from the basic-but-essential to the high-level, using the PragmARCs reduces the amount of software written for an application by an average of 50%.
(This is a representative figure. Actual results may vary.)

Distributed as source code, the PragmARCs are licensed under the terms of the GNAT-Modified GPL, which means that the use of the PragmARCs does not result in software that is covered by the GNU General Public License. The PragmARCs are pure Ada; they should work with any compiler and operating system on any platform.

PragmAda Software Engineering provides support for the PragmARCs at reasonable and competitive rates: $100/year for use on a single computer; $300/year for use on multiple computers. Contact us to arrange support for your project or company.

Error reports, comments, and suggestions are welcome from all users. Support for unsupported users will be provided as resources allow.

Click here for the Mine Detector game.
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Ada King, Countess Lovelace

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