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Mine Detector

PragmAda Software Engineering is proud to provide Mine Detector, an intellectually challenging game. Unlike other mine-finding games, Mine Detector never requires guessing.

Mine Detector is distributed free of charge, and is free software distributed under the GNU Public License. See the file license.txt in the source distribution.

Mine Detector is available as a Win32 executable (tested on Win98 and WinNT4), a Linux/x86 executable, and as source.

Installation Instructions

Unzip into a directory of your choice
Run mine_detector.exe from this directory
There have been reports of problems with Win2000
(This executable was built with GtkAda 1.3.12. If you have another version of GtkAda installed on your system, you must ensure that this executable uses the DLLs that come with it.)
Linux/x86 (Thanks to Doug Rogers for this version and instructions)
Gtk+ must be installed (most Linux distributions include Gtk+)

mine_detector-4.3-linux-bin.tar.gz should be untarred as root in the root directory:

  $ su
  # cd /
  # tar xzvf /tmp/mine_detector-4.3-linux-bin.tar.gz
  # ldconfig
  # exit
  $ mine_detector

Building From Source
Unzip into a directory of your choice
Mine Detector is written entirely in Ada. You must have an Ada compiler to build it
Mine Detector requires GtkAda and the PragmAda Reusable Components. Currently GtkAda requires the GNAT Ada compiler
The main procedure is Mine_Detector in file mine_detector.adb

Using GNAT, build with the command

gnatmake -O2 -gnato mine_detector

Under Windows, the "-mwindows" linker argument may be added to eliminate the DOS box:

gnatmake -O2 -gnato mine_detector -largs -mwindows

Error reports, comments, and suggestions are welcome from all users.

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