Commercial Software Solutions, Ltd (CSS)

Commercial Software Solutions, Ltd (CSS)
Joseph Wisniewski
(Maryland Office)
13513 Esworthy Rd. #202
Darnestown, Md 20874
Fax: 301-987-9709
Web: http://

Location/Availability: Locations: Rockville, Md area/Phoenix Az./Available worldwide
Description: CSS is a software engineering services firm. CSS focuses
primarily on supplying engineering services along with
project management for both on-site and off-site clients in
the following domains and focal areas:

* defense and avionics systems/software development
(e.g. avionics hardware device drivers)
* s/w porting activities (e.g. compiler,host,target porting)
* development of s/w productivity tools
* compiler/debugger internals development/support
(DDC-I compiler/debugger experience)
* extensive ASIS (Ada83/Ada95) application development
* multi-language interfacing
* software process implementation and training
* Ada/C++/C training
* SNMP application development