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GtkAda Example (Gita Srinivasan)

This is a utility that I wrote to learn Ada95 and Gtk+.

It prompts for a filename, allows a menu of about 4 "Message Digest" algorithms (MD5, Haval, SHA, Ripemd160) and generates the message digest using the chosen algorithm. I have tested this only under Linux though I am fairly confident it should work under Win32 (NT or 95) as well. (I will be testing the Win32 soon).

It was developed using :

  • Redhat Linux 6
  • gnat 3.11p
  • GTK 1.2.3
  • GtkAda 1.2.1
This is being submitted as a possible aid to others trying to learn the above. Anyone can use this anyway they please.

To build this utility, you need to make sure that the following environment variables are set to include where GtkAda is installed :


Click Here to Download

(c) 1998-2004 All Rights Reserved David Botton