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Ada Editting
Editors, Editor Extensions, and IDEs for Ada Development

Editor Extensions
Ada Emacs ModeHighlighting and advanced editing features. Includes support for project files and more.
Ada Emacs Mode - ExtensionsUpdates, fixes and extensions to Ada Emacs Mode (Stephen Leake)
Ada ModeAda Mode for SubEthaEdit - A Mac OS X Collaborative Text Editor
Ada Word FileAda "Word" File for UltraEdit
cw5-dllsCodeWright 5.x Ada Support (J. David Bryan)
vim Ada ModeSyntax highlighting and more for vim (David Wheeler)
Ada-ASSUREDAda-ASSURED is a multi-use tool that ensures consistent coding style, prevents syntax errors, and provides numerous productivity features for writing and reviewing code
AdaGIDEAdaGIDE is the Ada GNAT Integrated Development Environment for Windows
Carbon EmacsEnhanced Carbon Emacs for Mac OS X
EmacsGNU Emacs
GPSGPS: The GNAT Programming System - Full IDE and Graphical Debugger for Ada Development
jGRASPEditor and Visualization Tool
SciTEScintilla based Open Source source code Editor supporting Ada

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