Ada resources for OpenGL, math, modeling and simulation

This page contains some Ada reuse source as well as a linked application ready for execution. The following zip-files are given:            - Ada library with some utilities and components.           - An OpenGL framework for Win32 containing an application (Ada-main).     - The main-executable for MS-windows           - SGI-DLLs for OpenGL on MS-windows.          - Bitmaps used by the application.

For the documentation of the Opengl-Win32 framework see OpenGL in Ada95 for Win32.

The application shows an analog clock and/or a rotating earth similar to the famous xearth background image one can find on Unix. contains the complete sources of the win32-posix implementation of Pascal Obry. I had to include some simple modifications when I tried to implement the package portable.operating_system on top of posix using ObjectAda.

The software has been developed mainly with ObjectAda for windows. Parts have been written using GNAT 3.12p and 3.13p for Windows. The software is completely tested for these 2 compilers. contains opengl.dll and glu.dll, SGIs alternative of the Mikrosoft-dlls opengl32.dll and glu32.dll. On my Nvidia TNT2 M64 graphics card these dlls nearly double the performance when using display-lists in the given application. The dlls are taken sometime ago from some OpenGL- or SGI- server and are part of a zip called oglsdk... (I cannot recommend to use the corresponding .lib-files contained in oglsdk for linking with e.g. ObjectAda. My main executable (not the given opengl.win_prototyping_main.exe) does'nt work when using these libs.)


Future activities will include:

- Adaptation of a subset of LINPACK and EISPACK numerical algorithms for Ada95. The SW was developed in the late 1980s for Ada83.

- Adaptation of SW for symbolic mathematics.

- Adaptation of SW for modeling and simulation of dynamic system models (differential equations, state-space models).

- Adaptation of the OpenGL framework for GLUT and a port to linux.

The Ada community will be informed in CLA when SW updates on this side have been conducted.


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