Standard_IO is a very simple package, built on top of Text_IO to keep it completely portable.

We named it STANDARD_IO to emphasize that it is designed to used the data types defined in package Standard. It is intended for use by students, newcomers to Ada, researchers and scientists with no need for strong typing.

This package works for Ada 83 or Ada 95. We also define one limited private type, Answer, which can be used for dialogue management. The operations for Answer include Put and Get and Is_Yes and Is_No. A side benefit for Ada instructors is that Answer is a useful way to introduce students to limited private in a painless way.

The package has been used by lots of people. However, there is always a chance that some defect is lurking in some part of it. Therefore, it is important that users test those features they want to use before relying on it.

Download here.
Download standard_io.adb here.

Contributed by: Richard Riehle
Contributed on: March 11, 1999
License: Public Domain