Command Line Interface for *nix

Command_Line_Processor provides a consistent, configurable, easy to use package for parsing command line options and arguments. The application using Command_Line_Processor need only define a type representing the options it recognizes and a mapping of members of that type to characters and/or strings, but can perform additional tailoring as needed.

While Ada 95's Command_Line_Interface package was used, it was the "low profile" improvements to Ada 95 likely to be encountered in one's daily work that were most beneficial. Such improvements remove much of the necessity for "tricks" or writing one's own primitive utilities, as illustrated by access subprograms and the string handling packages.

To compile all the demonstration programs under Unix, execute the compile_cli_demo.scp script.

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Contributed by: Marc A. Criley
Contributed on: December 29, 1998
License: Public Domain