ASIS Expression Resolver

ASIS_Expression_Resolver calculates the numeric value of an ASIS expression (i.e., where the Element_Kind() is An_Expression) if one can be semantically determined. Integer and floating point literals, named numbers, initialization expressions, 'First and 'Last values, and mathematical expressions can all be processed. Enumeration and character expressions can be evaluated in terms of their components, with the 'Pos, 'Val, 'Pred, and 'Succ attributes all being properly handled. This package can be employed in the calculation of array bounds, range constraints, and wherever an expression is used whose value can be calculated solely through semantic analysis.

For more information about the Ada Semantic Interface Specification (ASIS), visit the ASIS Working Group web site:

Download asis_er.2.0.tgz here

Contributed by: Marc A. Criley
Contributed on: August 8, 2001
License: Modified GPL