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Author of the Hypertext Ada 95 Rationale HTML Annotations

Laurent Guerby is an Ada 95 fan, but he doesn't forget about the other computer languages (quite a large family!). His favourite compiler is of course the GNU Ada 95 one: GNAT. While studying at Telecom Bretagne, a french "Grande Ecole", he completed two internships (summer 1995 and summer 1996) at Ada Core Technologies, the company which continues the GNAT development and offers commercial support for GNAT. During 1997, while doing is military service in the MESIM team of CAD, he continued to do some work on GNAT for ACT Europe. Since April 1998, he works for the Banque Nationale de Paris in the equity derivative research team, developping exotic options pricing software in a variety of languages including Ada 95.

His interest in computer science is not limited to compilers and languages, there are so many interesting things to look at: theory, games, computer graphics, operating systems, networks, parallelism, distribution, AI, ... On his free time he plays wargames, RPG, reads SF books, watches movies, and of course also writes computer programs on his home Linux box. You can reach him on the newsgroup comp.lang.ada or on the Team Ada mailing list.

Laurent Guerby is grateful to the following people for their contributions to this work:

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Laurent Guerby