"Orbitals" shows a dynamic visualization of the electron probability
cloud in various "spdfg shells" of the Hydrogen atom.  It is written
in portable Ada and runs on the MS Windows operating systems using
the $0 version of the CLAW Ada-Windows binding (www.rrsoftware.com)
The basic display is a re-usable component that displays a changing
3D "particle cloud".  A short main program, included with the zip file,
shows the same component used instead to display a rotating tube - it
looks to me like some deep sea species of jellyfish.  The "Orbitals"
main program uses the component to let you see beyond the spherical
1s and two-lobed 2p "shells" familiar from high school chemistry.

Source Code - orbitals.zip
Binary - orbexe.zip

Contributed by: Tom Moran
Contributed on: April 18, 2001
License: Public Domain