Finder will scan the web site checking links. A file named "found" will be created containing a list of URLs visited and some summary statistics. A file named "log" will be created with more detail on problems found. It's been used under Win95 and Win2K and various other versions of Windows. When recently run on, it took about 20 minutes, but that of course is very dependent on current internet access speed.

This is a work in progress and subject to change. Source files are included (but require the $0 intro version of CLAW, available at so feel free to customize or improve. There are, of course, no warranties. The executable and the source files are supplied strictly as an educational example of a web spider written in Ada. Some of the included packages may also be educational for other Ada applications.

Copyright 2001, Tom Moran (, anyone may use for any purpose. Thanks to Randy Brukardt of RR Software for testing, suggestions, and code.

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Contributed by: Tom Moran
Contributed on: September 12, 2001
License: Anyone may use for any purpose