GNAT.Spitbol.Table_VString Example

-- GNAT.Spitbol.Table_VString Example
-- Example of using the standard instantianton of GNAT.Spitbol.Table
-- for VStrings

with GNAT.Spitbol.Table_VString; use GNAT.Spitbol.Table_VString;
use GNAT.Spitbol;

with GNAT.IO; use GNAT.IO;

procedure Gvtable is
   Test_Table : Table_VString.Table(10);
   Set(Test_Table, V("One"), V("A"));
   Set(Test_Table, V("Two"), V("B"));
   Set(Test_Table, V("Three"), V("C"));

   Put_Line(" Three = " & S(Get(Test_Table, V("Three"))));
   Put_Line(" One   = " & S(Get(Test_Table, V("One"))));
   Put_Line(" Two   = " & S(Get(Test_Table, V("Two"))));
end Gvtable;

Contributed by: David Botton
Contributed on: May 19, 1999
License: Public Domain