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Demo Project

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Ciao Bella! Hello World!

Where is the Booch Components Ada Project .

It is at http://www.adapower.com/adapower1/booch

Greetings from Croston-Melling Consultancy Ltd

Greetings from Sweden!!! Greetings from Sweden, again !!!

Greetings from Italy - Rome

My dream of AdaOS is on the way to reality

Greetings from Cedar Rapids, Iowa!

How come whenever I say the name of this website (AdaPower!), I involuntarily throw my fist in the air?

You might want to get that checked. :0)

Vote Libertarian! I mean Ada! Vote Ada! Down with M$ bloat ware!

Hmm. Interesting. OK

Ada is also flying on space. (much more than C! ;-)

The username is demo and the password is demo.

Yes, we use Ada

Mmmm, how sweet it is!

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