How To - Create an import library for GNAT

echo off

rem  File name: dll_ada_lib.bat

rem  Purpose:   Batch file to create DLL import library for GNAT 3.11p
rem  Usage:     dll_ada_lib  dll_name
rem  Example:   dll_ada_lib fft  (for fft.dll) 

rem  Author: Vladimir Olensky
rem  Based on "Windows NT and Windows95 Topics"
rem  section of the GNAT User manual

echo on
dll2def %1.dll > %1.def
dlltool  --dllname  %.dll --def  %.def  --output-lib lib%1.a
del %1.def

echo off
rem comment del %1.def above if you want to see content of DEF file

Contributed by: Vladimir Olensky
Contributed on: May 22, 1999
License: Public Domain