OC Systems

OC Systems
Faez Kaiser
9990 Lee Highway,
Suite 270,
VA 22030
703 359 8160
Fax: 703 279 2799
Email: info@ocsystems.com
Web: http://www.ocsystems.com

To better ensure the success of our customers, OC Systems has developed
The Power Solution, an integrated approach to long-lived system
development and maintenance. The primary component of The Power Solution
is our PowerAda product, which utilizes and relies upon the other
components. The next requirement is an extremely stable operating system,
hardware platform and language/development environment. OC Systems
combines these physical components with a commitment to unparalleled
long-term support.

We also offer LegacyAda/370 for OS/390 Ada 83 development. LegacyAda/370
includes a validated Ada 83 compiler and a powerful toolset which is
currently supporting a number of complex projects all over the world.